Sunday, December 20, 2009

Radiology Monday, Surgery Thursday

Nate and I suspected some stones because of a gritty feeling while cathing and an increase in mucous production. I called the urologist Monday to find out if we should come in earlier than our Thursday clinic visit. It was a good thing that I did because Dr. Kaefer's last day in surgery was Thursday. We went in Monday for an ultrasound and x-ray. The radiologist said that there were stones but Dr. Kaefer wasn't convinced. We went for a clinic cystoscopy on Thursday morning and Dr. Kaefer took Anara to surgery Thursday afternoon to remove the stones. We were very fortunate to catch them early enough to not require an incision and a new tube. Dr. Kaefer was able to break the stones and then remove the debris through her stoma. The stones are evidence of another Proteus infection and we are treating her with oral antibiotics. We seem to have a difficult time suppressing the Proteus.

This was my first time at Riley by myself during a procedure. Anara was pretty entertaining with Versed (I will try to post video below). She talked about pancakes all day. After a while the request for pancakes turned into a drunken yell "I want pakes! I want pakes! I want pakes!" What Dr. Kaefer thought would be a 30 minute procedure ended up being about three hours (he is very thorough trying to remove all fragments). When I was called to the recovery room, Anara was completely wasted. The recovery room nurse had given Anara two doses of morphine - which was really odd since Anara should not have been in any pain. Anara took a nice long nap in post-op and woke up long enough to tell me that she wanted pancakes, dry heave and go back to sleep. We weren't able to leave for quite a while because Anara kept vomiting. I really think this was more related to the morphine given than the anaesthesia. We went home and after a couple more rounds of puking, Anara was finally able to eat her pancakes and go to bed. She was back to herself the next day and we are thankful to not be dealing with a suprapubic tube.

Catch-up pics

Violet's drawing of the Mover concert
Pretend campfire
Edison's b-day present from the girls
IU hat - a little too small
Ballerina princess
Edison helping Vi color her picture (Dad - don't get your hopes up about him using his lefthand)
Reading a book

Driving his tractor
Driving their tractor


Cousin Lydia sent us a giant box of clothes a couple weekends ago. It was Christmas morning for us.
Edison helped empty the box
Vi's first pick
Anara wearing the new robe (over some past Annie hand-me-downs)
Holding up more treasure
The outfit she picked for church

Cousins Pics







Determined to find a way in
There's gotta be a way
Little help?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1st Steps

Edison took his first official steps Thanksgiving evening. He is walking now. It's so cute to find him standing in the middle of a room or walking across the house.