Thursday, June 24, 2010


Picnic in the backyard


Superman from April
Olivia being snuggly
It seems to Nate and I that Edison has really grown up since we left Indianapolis. He still seemed like a baby when we moved and now he is definitely a kid. He is stringing words together and has had a language explosion. He sings songs (Bye-O, Bob the Builder, ABC's - a few sounds), climbs everything, goes up and down the steps standing, LOVES basketball in any form, he is a pretty good golfer, and he laughs at everything. He is quite a happy little boy.

Edison Quotes:

"Watch this"
"Want more this." (More food please - whatever I am pointing to)
"Daddy, where are you?"
"Basketball shoot."
"Have one more?" (Can I have one more and then one more and then one more?)
"Watch me!"
"I want that"
"I need that!"
"I had that!"
"Apple deuce" (Apple juice is requested several times per day)

Someday I will get house pics on here.

Ending the blog drought

When you don’t have a coach or carriage you improvise.
Anara, “Okay, let’s go to the ball. Everybody on the truck!”

We are completely moved into our new house. Mom brought over the last laundry basket of random junk and I think all of our stuff might be in one place. I wouldn't call us "settled" but we are getting there. Nate said that things should probably be in pretty good shape by Christmas...we'll see. I have lots of catch-up pics and some before and after photos of the house. I will get to those soon. I just got my internet connected a few hours ago so I have a little work to do. For now here are some random moments since our move.

The moving truck

Olivia & Edison at Grandma's. Babysitting...perk of moving home.
Edison and a baggie full of Kix