Sunday, December 20, 2009

Radiology Monday, Surgery Thursday

Nate and I suspected some stones because of a gritty feeling while cathing and an increase in mucous production. I called the urologist Monday to find out if we should come in earlier than our Thursday clinic visit. It was a good thing that I did because Dr. Kaefer's last day in surgery was Thursday. We went in Monday for an ultrasound and x-ray. The radiologist said that there were stones but Dr. Kaefer wasn't convinced. We went for a clinic cystoscopy on Thursday morning and Dr. Kaefer took Anara to surgery Thursday afternoon to remove the stones. We were very fortunate to catch them early enough to not require an incision and a new tube. Dr. Kaefer was able to break the stones and then remove the debris through her stoma. The stones are evidence of another Proteus infection and we are treating her with oral antibiotics. We seem to have a difficult time suppressing the Proteus.

This was my first time at Riley by myself during a procedure. Anara was pretty entertaining with Versed (I will try to post video below). She talked about pancakes all day. After a while the request for pancakes turned into a drunken yell "I want pakes! I want pakes! I want pakes!" What Dr. Kaefer thought would be a 30 minute procedure ended up being about three hours (he is very thorough trying to remove all fragments). When I was called to the recovery room, Anara was completely wasted. The recovery room nurse had given Anara two doses of morphine - which was really odd since Anara should not have been in any pain. Anara took a nice long nap in post-op and woke up long enough to tell me that she wanted pancakes, dry heave and go back to sleep. We weren't able to leave for quite a while because Anara kept vomiting. I really think this was more related to the morphine given than the anaesthesia. We went home and after a couple more rounds of puking, Anara was finally able to eat her pancakes and go to bed. She was back to herself the next day and we are thankful to not be dealing with a suprapubic tube.

Catch-up pics

Violet's drawing of the Mover concert
Pretend campfire
Edison's b-day present from the girls
IU hat - a little too small
Ballerina princess
Edison helping Vi color her picture (Dad - don't get your hopes up about him using his lefthand)
Reading a book

Driving his tractor
Driving their tractor


Cousin Lydia sent us a giant box of clothes a couple weekends ago. It was Christmas morning for us.
Edison helped empty the box
Vi's first pick
Anara wearing the new robe (over some past Annie hand-me-downs)
Holding up more treasure
The outfit she picked for church

Cousins Pics







Determined to find a way in
There's gotta be a way
Little help?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1st Steps

Edison took his first official steps Thanksgiving evening. He is walking now. It's so cute to find him standing in the middle of a room or walking across the house.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Orphans in Kyrgyzstan

Every Christmas season a couple our family became acquainted with during Anara's adoption collects money to purchase and distribute gifts to orphanages in Kyrgyzstan. This year I decided to help.

A single gift for a Kyrgyz orphan is only $5. I hope to raise a minimum of $500. And because this is a pie in the face challenge, if I reach my minimum, I will be the fortunate recipient of a pie to the face. Pictures of the event will even be posted to our blog and Facebook so you can all enjoy watching me take the pie in the face.

If you would like to help, donations can be made at John and Julie Wright's blog or directly to me to be donated through their website. Here is the link to the pie in the face challenge: To donate, click the US Christmas Challenge PayPal button on this site and select "Amanda."

To read more about the Wright's work in Kyrgyzstan, click the blog header on this post.

Feel free to email/call if you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Eddie!

Today is Edison's 1st birthday. The girls are upstairs wrapping pretend presents. Edison is not so patiently waiting for them to come back down and play with him. He is a little moody because he's working on 3 new teeth and today he had a vaccine. Here are a few cake pictures from his birthday party Sunday. I will post more party pics later.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I have kept these quotes so long that some of them aren't as funny because the girls are a bit older now. Oh well, here they are anyway.

Vi - "Yeah, that's a picture of you in Kyrgyzstan."
Anara - "Yeah, I am from Kyrgyzstan. Where are you from Violet?"
Vi - "Uh, I don't remember where I am from let me go ask Mommy. Mommy, where am I from?"

Vi while picking up the toys that she got out. "Oh man! There is so much stuff! Why is Mommy making us do this? It's so hard."

Vi, "Grandma Janet's oven makes better shrinky dinks but ours makes better food."

Anara listening to Away in the Manger (the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay) "Mommy, that lady just called the Little Lord Jesus a sleepy head."

Vi was wondering what my concerned face was for and I told her that I was trying to make a good decision about the flu shot. I asked her to pray for my decision.
"Dear Jesus, please help Mommy make the right decision not to get the flu shot."

We got a package of caramel corn delivered to us by UPS one day. Violet, "That UPS man makes good caramel corn!"

I heard Violet whisper, "Anara, I have an idea. Maybe if we make a crown for Mommy then she will let us have whatever we want."

Violet, "I wish my hair looked like yours." Dewey, "Okay, but it would be really nappy."

Violet telling us about her dream "There was a Disneyland really really really close to our house and we went and I got lots of balloons and lollipops."

Me: "Okay Vi what are we going to do first?"
Vi: "Play Jenga."
Me: "Okay, I will probably win though."
Vi: "Let's not worry about winning, Mama. Jenga isn't about winning, it's about having fun."

Anara while babysitting Joy, "Babies that are Asian can eat and drink all by themselves."

Violet about Joy, "She is Asian like you and Bobby." Anara, "Bobby's Asian?"

Vi bossing me about Joy and trying not to sound bossy, "Bring her out in this room and put her down. That's what I would do."

Anara, "Violet, you are talking with food in your mouth."
Anara (with food in her mouth), "Mommy, Violet's talking with food in her mouth."

Violet "Mommy and Daddy said they don't like giving us spanks."
Anara "Who?"
Violet "Our mom and our dad. They didn't like spanks when they were little. They give the hardest spanks don't they?"
Anara "Yeah, they make them this hard."

"Mommy, I just can't do what Violet is telling me to do. I can't do criss cross applesauce."

One morning during breakfast Violet said, "I kept praying that God would make the dog on my floor move but every time I opened my eyes it was still in the same place."

"Dear Jesus, thank your for this day. Thank you for this food. Help me not to have a nap today."

Vi, "That's an exasperating deal."

Vi, "Anara, you like Asian food because you are Asian. I'm not Asian, I'm Korean."

Vi "Mom, Edison is getting all your shoes out."
Me "That's okay you know how to put them away."
Vi "So do you. So, can you put them away."

Vi "Calm down mom."

Vi, "Mom, what are those?
Me "Canadian geese."
Vi, "Wow, they are really far from home."

Vi "Are you going to change her diaper? She probably just has a bottom and not a penis. That's what boys have. Did you know Eddie had a penis when he was born?"

"Cinderella knows Jesus but we better pray for them (referring to the ugly stepsisters)"

Anara, "Vi just hit me. Can I say, 'Violet, go to Mommy?'"

Violet when I told her I didn't have much patience left, "How many patience do you usually have?"

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

River City Rat Race

Nate and Aunt Megan ran in the River City Rat Race a couple weekends ago. It was a nice, fall day and the scenery was beautiful. Nate is running a marathon this weekend.

Mover Eddie

I have lots of Edison catch-up pics. He is turning 1 next week :( It's happy and sad. He is all over and into everything. He has the disappearing act down and he reappears in the strangest places: at the toilet, eating catheter supplies, on the stairs, or eating chalk at the girls easel. I miss those baby days. Here are the recent pictures.

Riding the horsey


Playing with the doctor kit

Dr. Eddie Better


Helping Mom with supper

"Can I please get in?"

Here is a video of Edison making some lunch. He hears Nate turn on Small World and takes off to find out where the song is coming from.

Here is a video of Anara playing a little game with Eddie