Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sports Cars and Boca Raton

We want to thank-you for the gifts of money, time, donated items, and prayer in completing this adoption and bringing Z home. Thanks.

This adoption has been largely funded by friends, family, and strangers with hearts for orphan care or Down syndrome and we are so grateful for your generosity. In an effort to be transparent about financial matters, I will make up fictitious questions and answer them.

1. Where is the money?

At this point, we have spent $9,587.10 to adopt Baby Z. The money we have collected but haven't spent on the adoption is sitting in an account at a local credit union waiting for withdrawal for adoption expenses. We set up this account a while ago to save money for a future adoption and I have continued to move money in and out of it during our fundraising process. I know that ultimately we will pay for whatever expenses aren't covered but it makes me feel better having this account separate from our household expenses.

2. What will you do if you do not raise the full amount or your expenses exceed what you initially figured?

Thanks for asking. Our plan has always been to commit our savings (and all resources at our disposal) and then borrow the remainder from two people who have generously offered no-interest loans. The donations collected have brought us within range of our savings and I cannot imagine a scenario (okay, I can, but I pray that doesn't happen) where we would have to borrow to finance this adoption.

3. What if you collect more than you spend on your adoption?

This is a great question. If Z's adoption costs $23,000 and we bring in $25,000 in donations, we will put the remainder towards Z's healthcare (this year's individual deductible was $4,000). For the past 6 years (since bringing Anara home) we have reached our max-out-of-pocket for our health insurance. Anara's medical supplies alone cost around $900 per month (our portion is $422 monthly until the max is hit). We have budgeted this cost knowing that it was part of our family expenses when we adopted special needs. We realize that Z will have needs as well. We are not yet sure how his health care will impact us financially yet but we know there will be other therapies and expenses that are not always covered by insurance, Children's Special Medical or Medicaid Disability (if he qualifies for those programs).

Orphan care extends far beyond the orphanage. Often I think of how Anara might benefit from attachment therapy but this isn't in the budget and she is making great strides. We realize that these former orphans will require lifelong care that goes beyond feeding, clothing and loving them. It's likely that Z will be dependent on us for the rest of our lives. We realized the gravity of this before we made our adoption decision and we will put our lives, our finances, our time, and our love into raising our children - both adopted and biological. We are grateful for your generosity and support. Rest assured that neither sports cars nor Boca Raton will come as a result of your donations.

Thanks again for helping us care for orphans.