Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Ingalls

The girls passing out candy
The kids and Olivia at the neighborhood treat table
Edison with his sucker

The girls are really into the Laura Ingalls chapter books (the books between the picture books and the novels). They decided to be Mary and Laura for Halloween so my mom made them costumes. They looked great and had a fun time walking to a few houses and passing out treats from our porch. Violet came home from trick-or-treating and put her candy in the pass out bucket. I didn't object.

Edison was thrilled to be trick-or-treating. He took a sucker from home in his bucket and kept asking to eat it. We let him open it and he wasn't interested in any other candy. He would walk up to people's houses and say thanks and then walk away. For some reason, he would put his sucker hand in the air and say "cheers" when passing people.

Since I have missed so much of 2010, I don't even think I can try to catch it up. I am hoping to get some posts up so that I can make a blog book. This is really my only record of the kids growth, development, and events so I would like to try to keep it up.