Monday, March 08, 2010


Here is a Violet catch-up blog (to be followed by an Anara and an Edison catch-up). Violet has been pretty healthy this winter and she has only had a few colds requiring breathing treatments but nothing requiring steroids. She is learning to read and doing great. Violet is trying to grow her hair down to her feet and I am going to try and help her by not giving her a spring cut. She does a terrific job watching Edison and sounding an alarm when he is doing dangerous stunt maneuvers. Here are some recent Violet photos in no particular order.

The Rodriguez's saying goodbye before they move
Vi's luggage
Dewey's birthday breakfast at Bob Evan's
Pretending "Mommy and Daddy"
Tea party
Vi's party hat at Olivia's birthday party
Baby's party hatBallerina's

Playing piano at Grandma and Grandpa H's
Ballerina bun

Edison begging to go play

Only a couple quotes

"Mom, why does the trash can not smell good? Why does it smell like rotten pickles? Anara, come smell this."

"Mom, can I have a few of these graham crackers? I think they are from about 20 years ago."