Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ezekiel Nathan

Baby Z will henceforth be called by his soon-to-be name, Ezekiel Nathan. Ezekiel seems to be a perfect fit after spending the last several months calling him Z. Ezekiel means "God strengthens" and this also seems a great name for a child who comes from a hard place and has some special challenges.

Last week we received "matching approval" which is a pretty big step in the adoption process. Once we received the matching approval paperwork, we had to complete another 5lbs of paperwork (I know because FedEx weighed it), gather some supporting documents, and have 18 pages notarized. We were able to ship these documents last night and they will be arriving at their destinations this morning. We also shipped a soft toy, a photo album full of family photos, and a DVD movie of our family for Ezekiel to watch.

Now we will wait for our government to grant us I-800 approval and an "Article 5" from Hong Kong. Once we get the Article 5, it should be about 8-12 weeks until we receive a "High Court Order" and after this, we can travel. We are praying for a speedy ending to this process and that we can bring Ezekiel home soon.

To celebrate matching approval and Z's naming, we put his picture on the wall.