Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day (better late than never)

We spent Mother's Day in our hometown. Saturday we went to Aunt Emily and Uncle Nathan's for lunch and then Sunday we went to lunch with my mom and Grandma. After lunch we took the girls to a park and ran into my friend (wedding singer and bridesmaid), Beth, and her family.

This past Sunday Nate had a special Mother's Day for me. He got up with the kids allowing me to sleep an extra hour, h made breakfast in bed, and then he made dinner that evening. It was a nice, relaxing day at home and I appreciated his hard work.

Mommy, Grandma, and Great-grandma

Beth and me Olivia in her sling
Grandma H. and Eddie
My special Mother's Day

Bird Nird

I have been watching our feathered friends at the feeder lately and have taken a few pictures. All the pictures were taken through our bedroom window because all the birds clear out as soon as I open the back door. I am not ready to list "Bird Watching" under my hobbies and interests but that might just be because I am in denial. I am currently trying to find a less expensive way to feed our birds (maybe bulk seed or something). They seem to have quite the appetite and birdseed isn't just tuppence a bag. Here are some birds that have been spotted in our yard in the past week. I need some help identifying most of them... Grandpa H.?? Some of these are probably obvious but I am brand new to the bird scene. A month ago I could only identify a robin, blue jay, cardinal or pigeon.

In other bird news... Grandpa P. will be disappointed to hear that we still have no hummingbird sitings.

Mourning Dove - Nate's favorite because of their song

?? Grackle?

Finch or Sparrow?

Looks kinda ducky, walks like a duck but not a duck

Female cardinal
Male cardinal

Downy Woodpecker

Friday, May 15, 2009

1st Zoo of the year

Eddie ready for his 1st zoo visit
Great ride at the zoo
Working hard
Grandma Janet
Dolphin show

Big Catch-up Pics Post

Ready for Kyna's weddingLittle nerd
Scary part on Cinderella
How he really feels about dolls
Another doll
Anara MD
Great Grandpa Snyder

Great Grandma Snyder

Edison and Anara playing computer

Violet giving raspberries
"A little help?"Bubbles
Toenee nails
These pics always make "Sisters, sisters" start in my head

Vi reading to Edison
Glasses from the doctor kit - apparently doctors wear glasses